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My parents always tell the story of the first time I tried ice cream; expressing it as an unforgettable moment. The look in my eyes immediately said, “the hell with smashed peas.” Well I can tell you... that excitement hasn’t wavered since. Ice cream was like a first love, and I adore the frozen treat today just as much as I did then. It’s an everyday craving for me, and anyone that knows me, knows I never stop talking about it. 


One day I decided to start making my own, and I fell in love all over again; but this time, in a completely different way. Ice cream is fragrant, delicious and just all around lovely. It creates a space for creativity and expression.


I’ve poured my heart into each and every flavor. They are made completely from scratch with thoughtfully sourced ingredients. We use grass-fed dairy and you will not find any gums or stabilizers in this ice cream. Simplicity is something I aimed for, and I think you'll taste just that!


I hope each flavor brings you as much joy as it does me, and creates a special memory for you. 

All my love,